Monday, May 16, 2011

Motivation Monday

HELLO Hello hello... As you can see, my resolution to post more this year, has gone swimmingly. Or maybe that's floundered lol. It's okay though, because around mid-January I changed my resolutions ;D After reading a fantastic blog post by H. L. Hussmann called Motivation for Motivation. Now my only resolution has been to practice Motivation Mondays. Which is awesome because if I don't get around to it one Monday I only have to wait the rest of the week to try again. Unlike a New Years Resolution which I would have given up on and waited the rest of the year to try again. Today one of my goals for the week was to post here. This is not the first time that has been a goal, but so far it's looking promising this time!

How has everyone's year been going? Mine has been full of one little thing after another, that has kept my focus from this blog, and my computer as a whole for the most part. From Jan 3rd (the first day back to school) through March 10th (end of the 3rd quarter) N missed 15 days, and Z missed 9.5!!! The best part? Most of the time they weren't even home at the same time. Then our trampoline was bent up in a storm, followed by a huge branch crushing through our wooden swingset/clubhouse, followed by my van blowing a head seal or something. Add to that some unexpected financial stuff and all together they have left me feeling a little overwhelmed.

So while "It will all work out in the end, and if it hasn't worked out, then it's not the end." has been my mantra since January. It wasn't until this last week, that I have felt the weight and uneasiness of it all really lift. To that end I decided it was really time to return to my blog... and look here I am :-D

Back on the topic of Motivation Mondays, another goal was to clean out my fridge. Not throw out the old stuff, and maybe wipe down the shelves. No no. It was time for a good, old fashioned, dismantle it, kind of clean. Here is the result. Ah the picture of success hehe. Can you guess what my goal for tomorrow is? Yep, restock the fridge!

Funny as it sounds, I feel very accomplished having a snapshot of my fridge, as my first contribution to a POTD since January ;-D


  1. I like the motivation Mondays! We cleaned out the fridge today, too! Well, actually we just got the icky food out and wiped the shelves. I'm happy with that, though! : )

  2. Love the idea of motivation Mondays!! And you reminded me that I do need to clean out my fridge too!