About Me--and why I'm blogging

I'm Krystle the single mom of two beautiful, I mean HANDSOME little boys...and a dog.  There is 'Z' who is 6yrs old, and just started 1st grade.  Followed by 'N' who is 4yrs old and just started K4... this is his first experience with school (exciting).  Sampson our golden retriever rounds out our family; making it 3 on 1.  I also happen to be a Jesus freak, volunteer, bookworm, sister, daughter, photographer, aspiring graphic designer, FB addict, and unofficial therapist to friends! 

To say my life is busy would be an understatement, but if you are reading this, then I am probably preaching to the choir!  Our life is crazy, chaotic, happy, sad, loud, messy, imperfectly perfect, and we wouldn't have it any other way!

The top 3 on my 'I want, but can live without' wish list include:
  • Housekeeper
  • Cook
  • Furniture Mover ;-)

Now while I'm sure you have found all of this terribly interesting *ahem*, you may be wondering how you came to reading it.  Well I love blogs.  I find them fun, interesting, and sometimes even informative.  I read blogs on, mothering, single moms, sahms, Christianity, photography, cooking, packing lunch boxes, finances, organization... well you get the idea.  I'll read almost anything.  It's hard for me to keep up with all those different blogs of things I am interested in though.  I see why people stick to one topic... it makes sense.  I however am an all-over-the-place kind of lady, and would love a blog that talks about all things that interest me. Alas (love that word) I haven't found one that has really stuck.  I've had a photography blog for years that I have always thoroughly enjoyed writing.  So I decided to write my own.  Not only could it maybe be of interest to someone else, but I KNOW it would be cheaper than therapy!