Saturday, July 2, 2011

Need Inspired?

Last night I went surfing!... YouTube surfing that is ;D This is one of my favorite activities. I start by choosing a recommended video, then I click on one of the suggested videos at the end. This goes on and on. It's like magic... HOURS disappear!!! Every once in a while I find a video I must share, and as your luck would have it, last night happened to be one of those times. Now I am easily impressed by people who play instruments because I can't even play the AIR GUITAR. That having been said, this man is AWESOME!!!!

This is a video of John Butler playing his original song Ocean. I'd never heard of him before this video. That is an 11 string guitar he is playing! The whole song is perfection, but 4:00-4:30ish should be illegal ;D